Inwood Tavern

Inwood Tavern

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Happy Hours

Monday thru Saturday 11:00 AM - 7:00 PM

Featured Special

  • Drinks$2.50 Domestics, $3.75 Wells, $1 Off Everything Else!
Inwood Tavern is the oldest continuously operating bar in Dallas, celebrating an incredible 50 years in business this summer. Good times, good friends, cold drinks and an amazing patio. No matter where you travel, mention Dallas and people know the "world famous" Inwood Tavern. Open everyday with happy hour drink specials until 7pm. Almost anywhere in the world, if you tell someone you’re from Dallas… chances are, they’ll know the Inwood Tavern. Established in June of 1964, this year marks “the Tavern’s” incredible 50th anniversary. We're proud to be the oldest continuously run bar in Dallas – ain’t that something! The Tavern had a reputation as one of the dive-iest spots in town. The past saw us as the kind of place where serious drinking was done, salty bartenders were the norm, and which uppity folks avoided. Now, we’ve established ourselves as everyone's neighborhood bar, catering to all types and legions of regulars. We’re the bar where “everyone knows your name” – and yes… we were here before that bar too. If it’s been a while, come see us again. Be with us as we continue to update the place with an enlarged patio with lush landscaping, new bathrooms, brand new TVs and HD projection for sports, and an all-new audio system. The Inwood Tavern prides itself as being Dallas’ bar. We’re known for our classy red Solo cups and ice cold root beer shots. We’re still the kind of place you'd tell your grandfather you went to, and he can still be proud.

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More Happy Hours

Sunday - 12:00 PM thru 7:00 PM

  • Drinks$3 Mimosas, $2.50 Wells

Monday thru Saturday 11:00 AM - 7:00 PM

  • Drinks$2.50 Domestics, $3.75 Wells, $1 Off Everything Else!

Monday - 7:00 PM thru 2:00 AM

  • Drinks$5 texas Booze, $3 Texas Beers, 1/2 Price Wine by the Glass

Tuesday - 7:00 PM thru 2:00 AM

  • Drinks$4 Wells

Wednesday - 7:00 PM thru 2:00 AM

  • Drinks$5 Crown & Down

Thursday - 7:00 PM thru 2:00 AM

  • Drinks$5 Absolut vodka, 1/2 Price Wines by the Glass
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Location Info

Inwood Tavern
Bars in University Park
7717 Indwood Rd
Dallas, TX 75209

Hours of Operation

Daily 11 am - 2 am
Inwood Tavern
Ivy Tavern

Ivy Tavern

Happy Hours are 7 days a week from 11 am to 7 pm with some great Drink Specials. Get in here!!
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